The Colonel’s Autumn Budget Statement Income Tax will commence 1p over living wage annual value. Privatise BBC and abolish license fee’s Energy suppliers will provide services in a means related fashion at a fixed 5% of income. There will be fines of £1500 everytime the NHS treats someone who is drunk on a weekend. Special Snowflake […]

I went into Colchester Town Centre a few days ago, a typical family activity you may think, with my task being to purchase shoes for when the kids return to school in September. We perused the usual outlets when my son became upset and agitated which is usually a sign that his personal hygiene needs […]

A couple of month’s ago my employers had the temerity to make me redundant. They were obviously unappreciative of all the magic that was created by my sheer presence. Instead, they decided to go down the path to rack and ruin without their A+ prime time player. A few months have passed, and my delusions […]

  Dear Colonel I have noticed that you are not your usual self, what happened to the gregarious, zany loony that first appeared on the scene earlier this year? You started ‘The Colonel’ persona after the Tollgate incident and became interested in politics. I too shared your disbelief that 1000 jobs for the young are […]

Everyone seems to be a euro expert these days so here’s my 2 penny worth. I won’t be responding or debating, it’s too divisive an issue and I’m as firmly entrenched in my beliefs as my friends who disagree. The Leave campaigns triple pronged pledges were as follows: Freeing up 350m pounds weekly for the […]

#Brexit So as a nation there was a majority to leave, not an overwhelming majority and one of just under 4% of the vote. The politicians involved have all now scurried away, the PM has resigned, the Chancellor has gone into hiding, and we are now left with all the smug faced fence sitting MP’s […]

Do I believe in Free movement in the EU? Yes Do I think the Human Rights Act is fundamentally important? Yes Do I believe the EU has helped Workers Rights? Yes Do I think that trade is fair in the EU? No So before the blog gets going, I have been unfairly labelled and trolled […]

The holidays are over and they have been a complete washout or an ‘epic fail‘ as my daughter has stated. We had visions of going to Clacton and eating fish & chips on the beach whilst basking in glorious sunshine, however when you look out the window it just depresses you. The weather is no […]

I am not a social rights warrior, just wanted to get that out there. There are issues that mean a lot to me and where my input could influence the desired outcome. There are many issues on our little planet (the majority of our own creation) all of which can be boiled down to behaviour and […]

On the face of it, First Group comes across very responsibly with regards to their commitment towards the disabled using public transport. Please read the commitment to Accessibility However, as you know these things are rarely about public image, but the behaviour people encounter on a day-to-day basis. Talk is cheap and the reality is always […]